Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an internet marketing term referring to the system and processes that are built specifically to increase the volume of customers on a website. CRO is used to increase the traffic to a website and turn potential customers to actual customers. This can be applied to selling products or toward any action on a site that you desire.

Since the dot-com bubble, there has been a boom in online e-commerce markets. Since the early 2000s, competition has been growing and many websites have become giants of business. Newer sites keep launching, increasing worldwide competition day by day. All this has lead to an increase in the demand for ways to improve the number of visitors and potential customers websites. The demand for online CRO has taken off ever since.

Website analysis tools and knowing how websites are used through user experience models has helped marketing experts gather information. These experts develop tactics to improve the user experience of a site, enhancing the appeal of a site to the customers. Conversion and optimization are very important aspects of many digital marketing campaigns.

The Key Term of Conversion

Conversion is a popular term used in the field of e-commerce. In terms of internet marketing, conversion is the customers that have been turned or “converted” from visitors of a website to actual customers who use or buy the products or services. Conversion is targeted by companies to improve profits and build a broad customer base. Websites may launch offers to attract customers in order to convert them from visitors to buy their products. The efficiency of a CRO system is shown by the number of actionable customers per general visitor of the site. In other words, CRO is the percentage of conversions out of the total traffic visiting the website. These rates are improved by enhancing the customer experience, keeping customers through enhanced engagement, and keeping potential customers interested.

The Need for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process in which the number of website users that finish or reach a goal of one’s website is increased. The goal may be purchasing goods, availing service of some sort, requesting a quote, or downloading content. Early web conversion had a ‘traffic-first’ mindset. Processes were followed to ensure that users were driven to the website. This proved to be inefficient. While one might gain new visitors, these potential customers were not motivated to act on a specific web activity such as purchasing. Companies turned their attention to learn strategies to convert this large number of users into active customers.

CRO is essential to all. Businesses can increase the value of website visitors by raising the revenue of each one and reducing one’s acquisition costs. Conversion rate optimization is a time taking strategy which requires dedicated monitoring. Few firms having the highest conversion rates are continually testing and making changes to the elements of their websites, removing the barriers that hinder conversions and developing a better user experience for customers.

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