Offering a wide variety of concepts, chock-full of innovation and creativity, at Smashing Pixels, we are South Ontario’s leading experts in SEO services. Ensuring that you rank high on search engines, especially Google, we will provide professional SEO services that will show you how that is done. Having a team of experts that are passionate about many different areas of SEO, we can assure you that we will give you the absolute best service there is to offer. Keeping up with the latest search engine optimization trends, we make it our duty to provide every client with the proper value for their money, helping to grow their brand. You will be able to bank that we will help you gain an online presence, whether you have just started out or already have an existing website.

When you put your SEO needs in our hands, you will only need to focus solely on your business. With our affordable rates and commitment to giving the highest quality of services to our customers, we stand out amongst the other SEO companies in Brant County.

Best SEO Experts in Southern Ontario

Having the end goal of giving you not only higher profits and more sales for your business, but better online visibility and more traffic to your website, SEO is a continuous process. We are continually keeping up to date with the algorithms that Google uses to work out each step of the process. We are committed to making sure your website brings the brand message that suits your target audience. Our work does not stop with creating your online presence. We will also put in the work to make sure it is sustained throughout the years.

Smashing Pixels SEO Company Services

With our SEO services being a massive percentage of our business, we offer an extensive range of services, including optimization and marketing of Search Engines. We will also ensure you will have high visibility in searches made in your local area, help you with the design of your website to make sure it meets all of the criteria to give the best brand message possible. In addition to working with search engine algorithms, we will also manage your online reputation through reviews as well as social media.

Website Design

Before beginning optimization of the search engines, you must have a great website. All SEO efforts will be for not without a site that is appropriately designed. Our experienced team of designers will create a website for you, keeping your needs in mind while still making it unique amongst other websites in your business’ field. Our team prides themselves on making appealing and responsive designs that have a very modern look. Keeping SEO in mind, our primary objective is driving traffic to your website and ensure that it is properly optimized and structured. The size of your business doesn’t matter. We will pick the package that will deliver the results that suit your needs and sales targets.

We know that we are living in the digital age and most web searches are accessed on mobile devices. When we create and design your website, we will put forth all of the measures to ensure your site is discoverable on both desktops and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization

With the world becoming more and more dependent on the web, we use effective services to ensure that your brand will stand out amongst all others. We will not settle for just getting your name out there, but we want to make sure your website is listed on the first page of a web search. If you’re going to use your site to gain an advantage over competing businesses, have a professional perform SEO correctly for your website. Using our cost-effective approach, your website will organically earn constant traffic and achieve long-lasting results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

We pride ourselves in delivering and designing ads that relevant on each different platform. Managing the PPC marketing of each of our clients, our team of experts will help you reach your online marketing objectives. With paid search advertising, your brand and your business will gain strong visibility, more leads from search engines and significant growth in sales.

There businesses out there who find SEO companies that do not have experts in PPC marketing and end up achieving the wrong results. They are being charged for getting a large percentage of clicks that are not relevant to their company, sadly. We pride ourselves on our strategies for PPC Marketing management. Much more than just placing a few chosen keywords in an ad, we will work through all of our approach in your favour.

Social Media Management

There is no marketing on the web without the use of social media. While places, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+, are where users interact with each other freely, we will use social media as another potential platform for marketing. Our social media experts will create social media campaigns that will build your brand and increase awareness. With the millions around the world tapped into social media, there is bound to be many clicks that won’t come from your target audience. Our first step is to narrow down the right audience that is appropriately suited to your business. With each step we take with our implemented social media campaigns, you will see great results and the effectiveness will show through in the growth of your potential clients.

Why Hire a Professional SEO Agency

If you are struggling with your online presence, hiring a professional SEO company will help not only your business grow but its reputation will sky-rocket. Only a professional SEO firm will bring you the online presence you desire. There are many reasons why choosing a professional agency is the best option, including:

Diverse Expertise

With the many aspects of search engine optimization, only a professional firm will have experts in each element to bring you the best results possible. Our combined experience of over 20 years, you can rest easy knowing the value that we will bring to your business and brand. More than one expert working on your project at a time will ensure you see results in a shorter amount of time than if you would have one person working on the project by themselves.

Use of Advanced Tools

The resources and tools used for SEO may be limited when you hire an in-house team. With a professional firm, you will see your campaigns executed through mechanisms that are top-notch and updated to coincide with the latest trends of online marketing. We can not only implement but monitor the campaigns we create for you.

Unlike when you use an in-house SEO team, you will never have to pay for the tools we use, as we use them on a daily basis to help many businesses. This benefit will give you comfort in knowing that only the best tools will be used for your SEO project.

Get More Time to Focus on Your Business

A lot of time and dedication is required for an ongoing process such as search engine optimization. Working on it by yourself would require you to take away from working on your business and your duties in your company. This beats the entire logic of needing SEO in the first place. As the best SEO company in Southern Ontario, we will ensure that you will have one less thing on your to-do list to worry about. While we work on your online reputation, you can focus on having the best products or services for the clients we drive to your site.

Best SEO Company in Southern Ontario

Guiding you through the entire process, we thrive on making sure that you are at the top of your niche. Providing you with analytic reports on a regular basis, you will be able to see the growth from the strategies that we used. With real-time updated numbers, you will able to keep up with the analysis of the keywords we used to give your brand top visibility. The keywords chosen will be in high relevance to your niche, and you will see both your ads and click-through rates increase significantly.

You don’t want to be left out as the popularity of SEO continues to rise. Using the right techniques and tools, at Smashing Pixels, we will optimize and create customized content to suit your business’ needs. Our strategies will ensure you that your business will land on the first page of Google and give the best results possible. If you’re confused about where to start, don’t hesitate to call and we will begin working right away. For guaranteed results, call Smashing Pixels today.

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