If you are looking to boost the search ranking of your local business, you need to invest in SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting ensures that the keywords of materials found on your website are the keywords that your target audience members use when searching for a business like yours.

Quality SEO copywriting is also necessary for your website to earn backlinks from authoritative sites in your niche or from trusted third party websites. The more of these backlinks you get, the higher the chance that your website will rank much higher for your target keywords.

SEO copywriting is a crucial component of SEO. It impacts both the ranking dynamics within your website, as well as outside of it. Unfortunately, looking for this service is not as easy as you think. You really have your work cut out for you if you are in the market for this type of copywriting because there are a lot of people who blow a lot of smoke. They make all sorts of claims, they try to fool you with the hype, and at the end of the day, you’re left with an empty bag.

In fact, if you go with the wrong SEO copywriting firm, there’s a high chance that they will not only fail to give you the results that you’re looking for, but their practices might actually end up leading to penalties for your website. This is serious business. You have to choose the right professional. Otherwise, your website’s rankings might suffer. Here are seven signs of high quality providers of this type of specialized SEO services.


Sign #1: Solid keyword targeting

You know you’re dealing with a professional copywriter who knows SEO inside and out when they have written materials that selected based on your proper keyword selection. How do you know the keywords are correct? Well, these keywords are directly related to your website and the value you offer to your customers. These keywords also set context for your website. They follow a certain theme.

People who are looking to buy your products and services would use these keywords. They are more likely to buy because you’re targeting the right keywords. This is where intent is crucial. A high quality SEO copywriting firm understands the role keyword intent plays in not only pulling traffic from search engines like Google, but converting that traffic into actual buyers or email list members.


Sign #2: Natural keyword inclusion

Knowing and understanding the right keywords is one thing, including them in website text the right way is another thing entirely. It takes quite a bit of skill with the English language to ensure that target keyword inclusion flows naturally. It takes a lot of experience to ensure that keywords used for SEO purposes don’t look forced. They don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, they flow naturally in the text and they help get the content’s message across clearly.


Sign #3: Natural keyword density

Keyword density relates to how many times a specific keyword or key phrase appears in a piece of content. It’s usually expressed in the form of a percentage. The higher the keyword density, the less natural it looks.

You have to understand that Google is looking for natural content. If it’s obvious that the keyword was put in a piece of content and repeated many times, the intent of that content is as plain as the noonday sun. The whole idea is to trick Google into ranking that page high.

Accordingly, Google will more likely penalize that page. Natural keyword density is crucial in ensuring that Google ranks your pages naturally. For this to happen, the keyword density must not be heavy handed and the inclusion and mentions of the keywords are done with a high level of discipline. Also, a very skilled writer would use related keywords instead of the same keywords and phrases over and over again.


Sign #4: Addresses a topic that truly matters to your target audience

It would be nice if search engine software had credit cards. That way, you can dispense with flesh and blood human beings altogether. You just need to rank high and you can rest assured that you can make a lot of money from your websites. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Your local business needs to attract flesh and blood human beings so they can physically go through your doors and do business with you. Accordingly, an SEO copywriter worth his or her salt will not just write keywords for the sake of mentioning keywords. The topic of the article must actually be of interest to the target audience. This increases the likelihood that actual human eyeballs would be attracted to the content, instead of just appealing to Google’s software.

You have to remember that if your keyword spam page attracts a lot of traffic from Google if the page is written in such a clunky, unprofessional, and unnatural way, human beings would not convert. They are not going to want to pick up the phone and visit you. They are not going to whip up their credit cards and buy something. They are not going to fall for any of that.


Sign #5: Engage human readers

Human beings are human because of emotions. Doesn’t it follow that any advertising material presented to them though search engines also appeal to their emotions? High quality copywriters know this. This is why they produce content that may, at first, target keywords, but it also pushes people to read more.

In fact, these pieces of content can be so engaging that the readers might be motivated to share such materials on social media. This is exactly the situation you want for your content because you start getting traffic from not only search engines, but from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.


Sign #6: More likely to draw social signals

If your copywriter does an awesome job of appealing to emotions and targeting topics people are actually interested in, the high level of engagement might lead to social media sharing. The more people comment on your content, as well as share your content, the more social signals you get. And this can increase the chance that your website will draw more third party backlinks and this might improve your search rankings.


Sign #7: Brand focus

A great copywriter is focused on building your brand. He or she understands that they’re not just writing a piece of content. They’re not just writing materials that go on a website or goes on a third party site that has a link to your site. They see the big picture. They understand that everything you do online reflects on your brand.

Accordingly, they write the material in such a way that the actual reader is interested in the brand being promoted. They understand how people build trust online so they create a proper sequence in the content that they are building, as well as the content that links to the content that they are building.

Make no mistake about it, your choice of SEO copywriting company or service provider can play a big role in ensuring maximum visibility for your website on search engines.