Keyword Assumptions

When talking about the world of keywords you must first come up with assumptions on what you think you audience is looking for or searching up. Commercial keyword assumptions should be  put into a spreadsheet to be easily read and organized, and should be based off things involving your company. This includes your products and services, the geographical areas that your company covers, and the types of customers that you have.

For informational keyword assumptions, you should include specific topics that are important to your audience, and anything regarding popular or frequently asked questions. This will insure that you cover all of the necessary information for your company/services.

After narrowing down your keyword assumptions, start a new document to organize your final choice of keywords. The best idea is starting with mainly commercial keywords. Be sure to include all the products and services with the locations available for your work, within your keywords to bring in customers looking for a certain product or service in your certain geographical location. Try to keep your keywords strong and accurate to the information that you are trying to sell. 

For our guide below, we are going to pretend that we are a drywall company that services residential clients.

From this list, you can start to create keyword phrases that your clients may type in when they are searching for you
Residential Drywall Installation Toronto
Drywall Removal & Repair Toronto
Toronto Residential Drywall Installation
As you can see, the more attributes you have for each column, the more search phrases you will come up with.  From here, you will want to take your list and start to see who is showing up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Find their common thread.  See what makes sense to you and your business.  Ensure that your site is also utilizing these commonalities.  If not, consider adding them. Remember, the SERP is based on a Google algorithm which means they have already determined who should show up on the list based on specific criteria.  You want to ensure you meet their standards.
This is step one of a long path to get to the top position.  Keep checking back to the site for more informative blogs.  My goal is to get you there.
PS – Here is a link to the Google Sheets Template – Please copy and use this template as you will.
Understanding your SEO summary will take practice but the more you write, the easier the job will become.
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