Setting up your SEO Services strategy with proper execution and planning can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our goal is to increase your online exposure, create more sales opportunities, get you more leads, and get the phones ringing  by SEO services done right through our Smart Simple SEO strategies.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is online marketing with an awareness of the framework of the Web – understanding how search engines work and how to create findable content. Basically, how to get you to the top of Google.
If you want your site to be found in search engines for terms that actual searchers interested in your product or service will use then you need to have a strategy.
Perhaps you are interested in having your business show up in local search results, with your address and phone number listed prominently, and a map that viewers can use to visit you in person or see the areas that you offer services within?
We offer search engine friendly white hat seo services. We can enter a project or consultation at any stage in your website development.  We are comfortable to work with newbies, administrators, mom and pop shops, etc and savvy enough to sit down with designers, coders, developers and visionaries to get you where everyone wants to be … found!
Smart simple SEO is not just our name, it is our methodology.  No more wizard behind the curtain doing things to your site that you don’t understand.  We walk you through everything we are doing.  After all, it is your site.
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What We Do and How We Do It

We are into search rankings as Bubba is into shrimp fishing and Count Von Count is into counting. We help you rank high on leading search engine results through organic SEO services. Whether you are selling a product or service, promoting a cause, or simply getting information across, we guarantee maximum exposure for your website be getting it on the first page of the search results where you have the best chance of getting noticed by your target audience.

To achieve this, we combine our collective expertise, cutting-edge technology, and industry best practices to put your website at the front and in the center. We carefully analyze your website, define your goals and specific targets, and help you choose the right keywords and key phrases that attract targeted traffic.

Why Choose Us

Being in the business for more than a decade, we have acquired a wealth of insights and experience that enable us to generate and execute campaigns with speed and efficiency even under pressure. Our 10-year experience has enabled us to be flexible and dynamic as technology and the business continue to evolve. We know that strategies that work two years ago are not as effective as they are today.

That is why we always keep ourselves updated on the best practices of the industry, build resilience with every challenge we encounter, and look for new and better ways to improve our craft.

Here are specific reasons you should consider us for your next SEO campaign.

  • Highly-skilled local talent with over 20 years of combined industry experience
  • Custom-tailored search engine optimization packages
  • White Hat optimization ethics
  • Value-added services
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Get on GOOGLE’S TOP 10!

We’ve been working with website owners for more than 5 years, helping them make their websites and pages easier to find on the Web. Harnessing the power of online search engines through SEO is one of the best ways to enable new potential customers to your Retail website. Generate the sales that you deserve!

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